What’s the hold up?

New clients – who have already spent hours of thinking and effort as well as money in their gardens and have hired me to help them get the garden started.

Unfortunately,  everyone who knows me knows I don’t do anything quickly.    I am like Mr. Rogers in his song, “. . . I like to take my time to do it right.”  Small consolation in spring to a waiting client,  trowel in hand,  a big empty garden and a nursery just down the road.  I empathize, really I do.

So what am I doing anyway?  I’m sure they must wonder what’s taking me so long.  I’m accumulating an inventory of facts –width of the sidewalk, location of important trees,  septic tank location (and while I’m on the subject a plea to those responsible  to PLEASE put it someplace besides at the bottom of the deck stairs).  And I’m evaluating what I gather –good and not so good views, how hard is it to find the front door, where’s a good place for morning coffee?  Much of this my clients already know and thankfully pass along to me.

If I’m to do it right,  I have to experience much of it for myself, so that I  get a sense in my bones of what this place and my clients are all about.  I experience the garden while being in it of course, but here is the curious thing or magical thing, depending on your point of view:  The garden comes to life for me while I’m piecing all those bits of information together on paper – or computer nowadays.  It’s like those 3-D pictures that suddenly come into focus.  And then the ideas start tumbling out and the fun begins.

New clients.  Hope they think it’s worth the wait.


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  1. Of course it will be worth the wait… it will be great!

    Comment by Rob — April 29, 2011 @ 7:51 am

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