Thank goodness for the Mr.

Years ago, my long suffering husband (who for privacy and brevity’s sake I refer to as Mr.)  came home to find me ripping out the orange shag carpet in the bedroom of our Kirkland home.  We’d planned to eventually pull it out since the day we bought the place, but this was the day I could stand it no longer.  Unfortunately, by the time Mr. came home I was only half way through the job.  So, like he always does when I get a bee in my bonnet, Mr.  changed into work clothes and we got it all out by bedtime, including the dangerous tack strip.

This week a similar thing happened in an area along our little dirt road where I have been planting trees in little islands in anticipation of joining all these little islands into one big island screen of trees, along with native or native-looking shrubs and bulbs – a transitional space between the wilder and cultivated parts of our garden.  I’d reached the end of my tolerance of all the isolated islands.

To dig out all of the sod for this new bed would be impossible and would remove a precious amount of soil, so we are creating the bed on top of the sod.  I create an edge with my favorite little sharp spade,  then cut another edge 4-6” inside of this.  This strip of sod gets dug out in chunks and placed upside down inside where the bed will eventually be – again I don’t want to waste any soil.  I’ll cover all the sod with 3 layers of newsprint, which I purchase in bulk from a moving supply store.  This is much easier to deal with for me than unfolding the Sunday paper.  I overlap the sheets to make sure that no green can poke through.  I also remove any weeds with sharp leaves or stems, like thistle that might be able to poke through before they rot.   Then a 4” layer of aged manure will go on top of this – making sure I keep it away from the tree and shrub trunks.  I’ve also used chips for this purpose.  In the meantime, it will look rather nice and in another  3-6 months time, the sod will have decomposed, leaving a bed with nutrient rich soil and then AACK, I’ll need to get it planted quick before the weeds move in.   Maybe I can do this before the Mr. gets home . . ..


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