This was a week full of field trips.  Luckily I love field trips.  I remember seeing bears and having a tuna sandwich on my very first school field trip to the zoo when I was in the first grade.  I home-schooled my daughters in elementary school and we went on field trips whenever we could.  Once when we were studying Washington state history, we dropped everything and took a trip to the Canadian border.

This Tuesday, I led a group of oh, so smart fifth-graders through Meerkerk Gardens, where I am the part time education coordinator.  On Wednesday, I went to the zoo with my daughter’s kindergarten class.  Friday I left the island with some of my BGFs (Best Gardening Friends) to tour a great garden near my old stomping grounds in Kirkland, followed by shopping trips to Wells Medina Nursery and City People’s Garden Nursery.  While I do enjoy reading about gardens in books or magazines, there’s nothing like visiting the real thing for inspiration.   I’m introduced to new plants, see old plant friends used in new ways, and discover interesting plant combinations.  I also often come home with fresh ideas for the hardscape part of a garden – fences, arbors, patios and the like.  What was great about this trip was that the designer and owner of the garden took the morning to show us around and talk about what her vision for her garden is and how she’s gone about developing it.  I was reminded that if you define what you want to do in your garden, what you want to feel and experience in your garden and make choices based on that vision, it’s easier to stay focused.  That’s especially good news, since like the rest of you on Whidbey my spring gardening is just getting started thanks to an exceptionally long winter.  And there is so much to do . . .

The Northwest Perennial Alliance. has open member garden tours spring through fall. Whidbey gardens will be open on selected weekends in June and July.

And don’t forget to buy tickets for the Whidbey Island Garden Tour on Saturday, June 25.


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