Himalayan Huckleberry

I treated myself to a leisurely morning at Bayview Farm and Garden Nursery this week on one of our sunny days – no errands to do afterward and no deadlines to get home to.  I’ve been working on a garden design where we will need to rely heavily on a transitional zone of plants that will connect the garden to it’s wooded surroundings – not an uncommon challenge in our island gardens.  I came across this plant, Vaccinium glauco-album.

While, as its name suggests, it’s not a Northwest native, it certainly reminds me of salal, with pink flowers followed by black-blue berries.   The foliage is very nice  – blue green above and white on the underside.  Size is 3′ x 3′ and hardy to zone 7 – as is confirmed by a friend who grew it evergreen here over the past few winters.

I also saw some evergreen huckleberry / Vacciumium ovatum in four inch pots, which would be a great way to start your own transitional zone.

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