Someone walking along our road took photos of my garden this weekend.  Of a  stunning combination, rare perennial or majestic tree?  Nope – of a colorful blunder.

In the fall of 2009,  Whidbey Telecom dug a  line across our property for the neighbors at the end of our little dirt road.  The company promised and did put it back just about how they found it – filled the ditch back in and spread compost and grass seed.  Having admired those simple, little, white English daisies (Bellis perennis) in lawns and along roadsides, I quickly ordered some seed and scattered it over the compost as well,  just in time for the nasty weather of November.

I was dubious I’d see anything but thistle and nettle growing there the following spring, but there they were – the little spoon shaped leaves and white flowers with pink tipped petals.  And hmmm – there were also few double flowers and darker pink flowers as well.

This year the effect is about as “natural” looking or subtle as a basket full of plastic Easter eggs.  And so I have my own paparazzi – or my garden does.


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