Summer Blues – Catananche caerulea


One of my favorite summer flowers is Cupid’s Dart, because the lavender-blue flowers are a nice contrast or complement to almost any other color in my garden and the wiry stems weave in and out, knitting other plants together and filling in the blank spots.

with Linaria purpurea

Cupid’s Dart is a short-lived perennial, but self sows politely.  In my garden, the center of two or three year old plants die out, but new plants emerge just at the edges.  The two foot stems rise up from a one foot clump and can sometimes be a bit floppy, so it’s wise to plant where it can be supported by other plants.

with Nassella tenuissima and Nicotiana alata

Given its Mediterranean origins, it seems logical that most sources say to plant Cupid’s Dart in full sun with good drainage.  But I’ve also had luck with it planted in my entry garden which is soggy all winter.

with Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldstrum'

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