I hug my boots

I finally replaced my gardening boots last weekend. This may be my third or fourth pair of the same boot I’ve worn since 1999.  The sales person always brings me others to try, but I have developed a pretty specific list of requirements.  I’ve seen people garden in sneakers, rubber boots and garden clogs – all of which I have tried, abandoned and wondered “Are you crazy?”  I like my boots to be:

1. waterproof or nearly so

2. but relatively breathable and cool, good for warmer weather and in the winter I can just add socks

3. to have a sturdy sole -for shoveling and absorbing rocky ground

4. be flexible enough to be comfortable when I’m kneeling or crouching, but provide good ankle support for working on uneven or stone strewn ground

5. provide good traction (water + soil = slippery)

I always think of my good friend and fellow designer, Barb when I lace up my boots.  Barb always manages to look so stylish no matter what she is doing and she can wear boots to the darndest places.   We spent one afternoon of our Landscape Studies class at Edmonds Community College assigned to to dig up a very old Japanese maple for removal to another part of the campus to make way for the construction of a new building.  Three hours later, sweaty, muddy and exhausted, we sat in the trench we had dug all around the not-even-budging maple.  She said, “We have the same boots.  How do you like yours?”  I said, “I love them.  I can wear them all day and I don’t even notice my feet.”  She said, “I can hardly wait to get out of my slippers and put these on.”  This might have gone on for another three hours, but our instructor arrived and said, “You don’t have that thing out yet?” and with three kicks of the shovel finished the job.


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