George’s Hedgerow

Yesterday, I took advantage of some partly sunny skies to finish planting 100 feet of a hedgerow we are planting along our southern property line. Arbutus menziesii / Madronna, Symphoricarpos albus / Snowberry, Rosa nootkatensis / Nootka Rose, Ribes sangineum / Flowering Currant, Malus fusca / Pacific Crabapple.  I purchased most of the plants bareroot last March  from the Whidbey Island Conservation District, potted them and put them in my fenced vegetable garden so I could water and bulk  them over the summer so they’d have a better chance of survival this fall.  Contact WICD if you want to be emailed about the sale:

Earlier, we’d pulled or cut down all the alders that had seeded themselves in over the past few years.  Then, with the help of the tractor, I spread a 4-5′ swath of manure about 4″ deep since the soil there is clay and rock .  George pronounced it “Deer food” and we’ll just have to see if he’s correct.  The flowering currant seems to be holding it’s own in other parts of the garden, the snowberry I have currently hasn’t been touched.  I know I will have to spray the roses until they are vigorous enough to withstand browsing.  I’ll also cage the Madronna and Crapapples for the time being.


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