Rolling Home

Most Whidbey Islanders will say that they begin to relax once they are on the ferry for home.  That is true for me also.  Often, when I am on the water coming home, I hear this old ditty in my head:

Rolling home, rolling home,

Rolling home across the sea.

Rolling home to Whidbey Island (ole New England),

Rolling home dear land to thee.

(With apologies and a nod to The Voyage of the Mimi a favorite educational program of my daughters A. and A when they were young.  The first segment of each show was a fictional adventure and was followed by a science lesson. The first series was about recording information of Humpback Whales from the ship, Mimi.  The second was about archaeologists searching for a lost Mayan city.  Good stuff and a starred a young Ben Affleck!)

I also get a thrill when I drive onto our dirt road.  The patch of grass down the middle, the alders and ferns on either side, the light peeking through, the crunch of the gravel.    It’s one of the things that made me know this was to be our new home.




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