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My beloved plant group Twilight met last week.  Three fellow garden designers and I led the group through some techniques we use for garden renovation.  One of the techniques utilized what is called a base map – which is a measured, to- scale, bird’s eye view of a garden – sometimes called plan view. (Click on the picture below to get a better idea . .. )  It’s a labor intensive drawing – both to measure and collect all the data onsite AND to create the drawing, even though I have fabulous drawing software (Dynascape).  I was astonished at all the great ideas flying around the room and how much got accomplished by each team of two in just under an hour’s time.  And it seems that everyone had a great time.

If you are interested in doing some of your own design, I’m happy to prepare this document for you and / or to develop a list of suggested plants customized for your garden and your preferences.  There are a number of ways for me to help you DIY.  Just ask.

Plan view drawing – ready for plants!

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