Random, but good thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Last night my beloved Twilight Plant Group Met to discuss summer bulbs.  My friend T has moved into the city and is slowly divesting herself of things.  I already have a stack of Garden Design magazines.  Last night she gave me this frog that sits in the bottom of a vase to help support stems.  Even if I never use it (but I will) it is a lovely thing and reminds me of my friend and her garden.

Frog from T.

Frog from T.

T. always had several different kinds of snowdrops in her island garden.  Mine are just now coming up under the English oak I planted for daughter A. and son-in-lawn S.   The patch is still very sparse, so I bought some more “in the green” which is the best way to buy and plant since the little bulbs dry out so quickly.

Photo (45)

A form of Iris reticulata given to me by my father-in-law is now blooming in my garden.

Photo (4)

I had 10 yards of compost delivered today.  I guess it’s really time to start gardening.

Thought from yoga today:  the trees see me.



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