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Time for new gear?

Time for new gear?

As many times as I have attended the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, you’d think I’d be jaded.  But the minute I walk in and smell those forced flowers and hear the taped bird song, my disbelief is suspended.  I have been rather snobby over the years and spent most of my time in the gardens and seminars.  I’m usually not a fan of purchasing plants at the show that I need to somehow haul back out to the parking garage and bring home to protect from several more weeks of possible winter cold.  I’m also highly skeptical of what the Mr. calls “Slice ‘em and Dice ‘em” gadgets.  I do need a new kneeling pad, no?

This year I decided to look at the exhibitor list (see and make a list of the vendors and organizations I’d like to check out – both for clients and myself.    I will, of course, stop and say hello to my fellow islanders:  Chocolate Flower Farm, Bob Bowling Rustics and Windfield Designs who designed and built the trellis we have in our entry garden.  Is Dean Tile and Design there this year?     And I can never, ever have too many gardening books, so I’ll check out Flora and Fauna Books and the University Bookstore booth.

And CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Vanca Lumsden, and her partner Judith Jones, for winning a gold medal for their garden “The Art of Upcycling.”



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