Get Over It

By nature and gender, I am a compromiser, willing to get things done, willing to give anyone a second chance.  I am generally an optimist.  My family is almost totally conservative and I respect their right to an educated opinion.   But do not insult MY intelligence by asking me to just get over this election.  As if it’s a football game and my “team” lost.  As if this is any other election and the president elect is just like any other politician.  I am almost sixty years old.  I lived under the Bushes, Reagan and Nixon and Ford.  This man, the PE is nothing akin to any of them.   Unlike any who have gone before him, the PE has no public service, no government experience and no military record.  Unprecedented – many of the leaders of his own party have disavowed him.


I applaud President Obama and Secretary Clinton for their eloquence yesterday.  Given their love of our country and its people, you can bet that there are more words in their hearts than their positions allow.  Like the true statesmen they are, they measure their words carefully to assure the smooth transition of power and protect our country, a concept the PE was willing to upend like a board game if he didn’t get his way.


No – I am not okay.  I am in mourning.  There is a weight on my chest and fear in my belly.


I have a family that I love with all my heart.  It includes a son-in-law whose parents are immigrants.  It includes two daughters and two granddaughters.  It includes two grandchildren of color.  The PE has repeatedly insulted, demeaned and threatened all of them and bragged about it. Do not insult me by asking me to not be angry and watchful on their behalf.   Do not ask me to be relaxed about having my daughter’s and granddaughter’s most private health concerns in the hands of a man who has shown such contempt for women and their bodies.


I have dear friends who are of the LBGT community, who are the kindest people I know.  I have a son-in-law who has been working so hard to give disabled young people a chance to go to college, non-Christian friends whose lives and teachings have inspired me and grown my spirituality more than any church ever did.  Do not placate me – the highest office in the land has modeled and legitimized bullying – and I am afraid for their safety.


As I look out my window I can see the majestic Olympic mountains whose snowcaps retreat ever further each year.  What else will go missing in my grandchildren’s lifetime?  My grandson saw a fox on a science show and I mentioned that we once had them on our island.  We spent an hour reading about them as my heart sank knowing we would probably never see one here.  What’s next – the song of frogs in our pond?   There are days my darling, full of life granddaughter cannot play outside because the air is too toxic to breathe. Read that sentence again and tell me to my face not to worry.   The PE is contemptuous of science, calls climate change a hoax and has indicated that he will reject policies to help our planet remain habitable for generations.  The leader of the free world is refusing to protect OUR ONLY HOME.


The laundry list of unfit to govern could go on and on.  Doesn’t read, doesn’t prepare .  . . The ultimate act of bravery will come in these next few months as President Obama gives the nuclear codes to a man who can at best be described as a hothead and trigger happy. As I woke up this morning, I realized that for four long years my morning prayers and meditation must include lifting this terrifying weight from my chest in order to function. It would be the ultimate act of Pollyannism to pretend otherwise.


While I am certainly not unfriending anyone, if you voted for the PE or anyone else besides Secretary Clinton, you will find that I have lost patience with being nice and my words may bite. While I am still in the ashes, I sense that when I shake off the dust of disbelief,  I will be ever more bold and liberal.  If this is unpalatable to you, then unfriend me.  But make no mistake – your candidate may have won the election by an antiquated system designed when votes were carried by horseback, but the majority of PEOPLE did not vote for him and we will rise.

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