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Gardens and Art on Orcas Island

My month long absence has been for good cause – my daughter’s wedding on Orcas Island just two weeks ago.  Two weeks before that, we took a trip up to find the perfect wedding present and quickly secured a commission with a local photographer.

With a delicious amount of extra time on our hands, we explored Eastsound.  The Fourth of July Parade was colorful and fun.  And look at these concrete sidewalks, reminiscent of wood right down to the nails.

Wouldn’t it be great to create a modern totem for yourself or someone special in your life to add to your garden?

The Emmanual Episcopal Church has lovely grounds, a beautiful mixed border and a fabulous labyrinth.

Just outside of town, we explored the Anthony Howe sculpture garden.  Amazing kinetic sculptures that move with the slightest of breeze in ingenious ways.   My photos do not do them justice since the beauty is in their movement and in the music they create.  Make sure you click on the photos to watch videos of the sculptures in action.

You can view all the photos from this day by clicking on the Flickr icon at the bottom of this page.


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