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6 Months Later

Here’s an update to a project I started in April.  (See the post “Thank goodness for the Mr.”)  The goal was to create a native or native looking area along our little dirt road that would eventually create some privacy and cut down on the dust.  A little like a loose hedgerow.  The first task was to eliminate the sod while retaining as much organic material as possible.  As I’d done successfully many times before, I laid down newsprint and piled compost on top.  Only this time, it didn’t work so well.  I am now in the process of digging out many weeds.  I think the lesson learned this time was:  Do not scrimp on the mulch.  4″ seems to be the minimum and 6″ would have been better.

A glimpse of what the garden will look like once the plants start maturing and touching each other.

Plants for the Roundabout Hedgerow

You can see the Mr. and his weeding bucket just past the little Siberian spruce.

Weeding the Roundabout Hedgerow

We got a good start on the planting.  No matter how many times I do it,  I’m always surprised at how small the plants look when they first go in.

Roundabout hedgerow, October 2011

The Greenbank deer and rabbits don’t seem to be interested in my Spiraea, so I am planting Spiraea betulifolia ‘Tor.’

Spiraea betuifolia 'Tor'


close up, Spiraea betuifolia 'Tor'


















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