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Landscape Design and Renovation

The design process begins with a comprehensive questionnaire that I ask you to return to me prior to our first meeting. At our first meeting, we’ll walk through your garden, discuss its challenges and possibilities as well as the ideas you have for your garden. We’ll define the scope and priorities of your project and decide on the drawings and other services you may need.  Later in my office, I’ll draw up a contract for your consideration that specifies the tasks to be accomplished, a schedule and a fixed price.

I’ll come back to your garden to take measurements, photos, and an inventory of your garden. Using this information, I’ll prepare a computer drafted, to-scale base map of your garden and then develop preliminary designs, which we’ll evaluate together at a second meeting. Based on your preferences, I’ll create the computer-drafted, to-scale drawings you or a contractor will need to install your new garden, which may include a master plan, a planting plan, a layout plan, or construction details.  These drawings can be very helpful, even if you plan to install the garden over several years. This service can also be useful in a smaller section of your garden.

I can refer you to qualified landscape contractors, nurseries, and other suppliers. I am happy to accompany you at these meetings and to consult with you and your contractor.

A garden is a living, ever evolving thing,  often requiring review, adjustments and changes.   I look forward to a continued relationship with my clients and their gardens.

The fixed price for a landscape design or renovation is based on the time I estimate it will take to complete the plans for your unique project.  A portion of the fee is due at the beginning of the design process, another toward the middle and the balance is due when I present your final drawings.

Garden Consultation

I’ll meet with you in your garden to discuss your concerns about plant and soil health, amendments and mulches, pruning, maintenance, diseases, pests, appropriate plants and any other garden concerns. This will be followed by a written list of recommendations discussed that day as well as those that have come to me as I drive home.   I can develop further resources for your garden, such as relevant magazine articles, websites, a garden care manual or a customized plant list.

The price for garden consultation is $50.00 per hour with a two-hour minimum. (Garden consultation during the course of a landscape design or renovation is free of charge.)

Plant Purchase, Delivery

I can shop for your plants from among our area’s finest wholesale and retail nurseries as well as small specialty growers. This is a service I like to provide to clients who have had me design or renovate a garden, but you may also find it helpful if you have special plants on your wish list and are having difficulty finding them. I deliver plants as close to your planting time as I can.  I like to place the plants, as often there is a bit of onsite finessing required. I create an estimate for plant purchase and delivery which is usually comparable to the retail price you would pay – minus your time and gas!

If you approve, 50% is due prior to shopping, and the balance is due after the plants are delivered.   If you’d like me to place plants at the time of delivery, I charge an hourly rate of $50.00 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. I generally require a $300.00 retail minimum for plant shopping, but if I’ve got room, will be happy to shop for your few extra plants while I’m shopping for a larger order.

Garden and Landscape Design Lectures

With a background in education, public speaking and horticulture, I enjoy giving informative, inspiring and fun lectures for a variety of different groups, along with beautiful slides and helpful handouts.  Please contact me about fees, which vary according to the group and may include travel charges depending on location.